Our Brands


We make some of the best brands around and hundreds of thousands of people consume these products everyday. From our branded eggs, to our frozen meat to our retail outlets. We pride ourselves in the confidence our consumers have on us. Reliability, efficiency, hygiene, affordability are our watchwords.

Eni Eggs : With over 55,000 laying birds, Eni Agro Allied Limited produces over 18 million eggs per annum. Our eggs come in packs of 6,12, 15,20 and 30.  Our hens are catered for in hygienic farm facilities. We produce our own feed, rich in nutrients and free from antibiotics, hormones, chemical stimulants or any other ingredients that may have a carryover effect on the consumer. Asides nutritional benefits, Eni Eggs are tasty, convenient and great value for money!

Eni Freshmart & Restaurant : We believe the ultimate grocery shopping experience should be relaxed, personal, hassle free and exciting. Eni Fresh Mart & restaurant offers a one-stop shop for fresh produce, full service bakery, vegetables, meat, drinks and household items.  Our shelves are stacked with quality products, both local and imported. We strive to provide consistent quality supply at affordable prices, to earn the trust of our discerning customers

Eni Frozen Chicken : The Eni brand is renowned for its family-focused line of chicken products, and we have developed a reputation for great tasting, high quality frozen chicken. Our frozen poultry products also include, boneless chicken, wings and feet. However you like your chicken served, our birds are chunky and tasty. We will continue to bring delicious and wholesome chicken products to your family’s table.

Smoked Chicken & Fish : Smoked chicken have long been considered a delicacy on the gourmet food scene thanks to their deep and intense flavour enriched from the smoking process. At eni’s, the exquisite taste of our products comes from our traditional method of burning, whose flavour is absorbed by foods like our smoked chicken and smoked fish. We have no need to espouse the taste benefits of eating a smoked chicken or smoked fish , as they speak for themselves.

Sausages & Bacon : Our meat processing plant is equipped with some of the best technology to produce consistent high quality small goods. We produce amazing quality  bacon and sausages.