Live Stock Farming

Eni Agro Allied is committed to rearing and producing safe, affordable, high-quality Live stock products (Beef,pork, chicken, Snails & Fish) for you and your family.

Eni’s agribusiness operations processes over 12 million table eggs per annum. Our customers include major supermarkets, hoteliers and caterers. We operate a network of facilities connected to allow for a seamless flow of produce from the farm to the retail shelf. Some of these facilities include a feed mill, chicken processing plant, and a butchery. We process in the best of hygienic conditions. Throughout our service area, our  agro-produce are some of the most recognized brands and we are helping people cook better, and eat better.

Fruit & Veg Cultivation

Visit our farm. Find fruits, vegetables and plenty of herbs thriving on lively soil. We cultivate our own plants using organic seeds. At our farm, we have been delivering fresh ideas and fresh produce for over 5 years. We combine a passion for quality products and a zeal to push beyond the boundaries of possibility to tackle the distinct demands of our industry and get good food to good people. 

As owners of an organic farm, we believe that growing food sustainably and using responsible methods has benefits for our health, the state of the environment and the welfare of animals. We aim to protect what we cherish; the soil that gives our crops life, the biodiversity of our environment, the people and partner farms that we work with, and the customer that that cares about good clean food. To produce and source good food is a privilege to us.



We leverage outsourcing to achieve scale, by outsourcing production vegetables & livestock.We add value to our society by outsourcing production of  livestock and other farm produce to small holder farmers, and also as off takers we in turn reduced the post harvest challenges faced by this farmers