Eni Group

Our Group

The Eni Group of Companies is made up of Eni Stores; the retail arm, Eni Agro-Allied Limited; the agro arm and Outedge Limited; its general trading company. The Eni Group is committed to enhancing people’s lives by delivering quality service in all its business offerings. With over 200 employees, and 1 billion Naira in sales, Eni Group is on course to being the best homegrown business enterprise around.

We are committed to our objective to be the leader in retail services, guided by family values shared across the homes of our esteemed customers.

Eni Stores Limited

The quality and safety of any fresh farm produce item depends on proper processing, packaging and storage. Eni Stores Limited’ provides a wide array of processed and packaged natural food products(Livestock, Fruits & Vegetables) to retail, wholesale, and commercial buyers. Our products are marketed to retail stores, and local markets in within and outside Akwa Ibom State .

We provide industrial and retail customers with highly customised finished products and packaging matching customer specifications. We have the ability to develop reliable and consistent new farm products from concept.

Eni Agro-Allied Limited

Eni’s agribusiness operations processes over 12 million table eggs per annum. Our customers include major supermarkets, hoteliers and caterers.

We also connect small scale farmers of crops and vegetables with our retail outlets. We operate a network of facilities connected to allow for a seamless flow of produce from the farm to the retail shelf. Some of these facilities include a feed mill, chicken processing plant, and a butchery. We process in the best of hygienic conditions. Throughout our service area, our retailed agro-produce are some of the most recognized brands and we are helping people cook better, and eat better.

Established in 2006, Outedge is a leading general contractor in building, construction, general trading and supplies. We currently boast of a sizable portfolio of jobs under our belt. Outedge has completed various public sector building jobs in the education sector. We are also leading importers and frontline vehicle sales company with over 1000 cars sold.