Nigeria at 59

First day of October is our country’s 59th independence anniversary. It is a day of full scale reflection and stock taking. It is also a day for a vision into our political future and socio-economic welfare. But the fact that 59 years are still short a period in a life of a nation, most Nigerians would have reminisced over the lot in those six decades of nationhood.

From three big regions, Nigeria has fragmented into 36 states and from provinces into 774 local government areas. While these administration units keep on reducing   in size, the population keeps on growing at an explosive rate from 56 million at independence to approximately over 200 million. According United Nations, Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.57% of the total world population.

Nigeria is a composition of a number of large ancient nations and other autonomous small societies. Its boundaries were drawn as a result of trade and commercial interest of western colonial masters in the nineteenth century.

Nigerians learnt and read at least five 5-year Development Plans and a 10-year vision couched in the best possible language. What has become of these plans and vision is part of the story of Nigeria; the enigmatic nation. The agrarian economy gave way to an oil economy of today with successive administrations always flaunting ill-planned diversification. That Nigeria went through a booming economy during its agricultural hey days to a gloomy oil state of today is another paradox, the story of Nigeria. Abundance has led to wastage and end of in poverty.

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Nigeria at 59

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