Being the best at providing
fresh, affordable, high quality,
and well packaged food.

4a Edet Akpan Street (4lanes), Uyo, Nigeria

About us

Eni Stores Limited is the foremost trading and agriculture company in Nigeria. We currently operate our businesses and outlets in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, where we have established a foothold in the regional market.  Our core business pillars, mechanized farming, and food processing represent our core business ideal; which is to provide quality and affordable food and allied products in every home in our operational area. Essential commodities in nurturing of life, hence our blood red brand color. Our retail arm serves as the vehicle in delivering our mission and vision.

We pride ourselves on being the family brand. Everything we do is to put smiles on the faces of kids, parents, and the elderly alike. We recognize family values and consistently reach out to our children in schools and orphanages via various support programs and platforms of ours. We recognize children to be the future and we shall continue to actively promote values that encourage their positive growth, development, and outlook on our society by every means we can, in and outside the business.


Providing easy access to quality food in major cities in Nigeria by 2025

mision statement

Being the best at delivering fresh, affordable & high quality farm produce & other food items to consumers with busy lifestyle through our all-in-one retail outlets



We serve a wide range of clients across the Nigerian market and have packages and services tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Our clients’ cuts across Individuals, shopping malls (Superstores), Local farmers, event planners, and more.


Eni Eggs: With over 55,000 laying birds, Eni Agro Allied Limited produces over 18 million eggs per annum. Our eggs come in packs of 6,12, 15,20 and 30.  Our hens are catered for in hygienic farm facilities. We produce our own feed, rich in nutrients and free from antibiotics, hormones, chemical stimulants or any other ingredients that may have a carryover effect on the consumer. Asides nutritional benefits, Eni Eggs are tasty, convenient and great value for money!

Eni Frozen Chicken: The Eni brand is renowned for its family-focused line of chicken products, and we have developed a reputation for great tasting, high quality frozen chicken. Our frozen poultry products also include, boneless chicken, wings and feet. However you like your chicken served, our birds are chunky and tasty. We will continue to bring delicious and wholesome chicken products to your family’s table.

Eni Freshmart & Restaurant: We believe the ultimate grocery shopping experience should be relaxed, personal, hassle free and exciting. Eni Fresh Mart & restaurant offers a one-stop shop for fresh produce, full service bakery, vegetables, meat, drinks and household items.  Our shelves are stacked with quality products, both local and imported. We strive to provide consistent quality supply at affordable prices, to earn the trust of our discerning customers.


Ime Uwah is a veteran of developing and sustaining human capital and resources management strategies for businesses, leaving a long trail of successful local businesses. 

He is an AgroEntrepreneur, continuously, mentoring and training young entrepreneurs on capacity building, with a track record of creating value for local agribusinesses.

A self-made founder/CEO of, which is the first food processing and retail outlets in Akwa Ibom state.

Ime is currently exploring his interest in Digital Economy.

He is a Philanthropist, Father, Public Servant, and Volunteer. When not building stuff, he loves walking and is big on movies.

Ime’s expertise and business engagements have taken him around the globe, still, he is proud to call Uyo, Akwa Ibom home.